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She Who Wrote the World 

Part One – The Author’s History: Video Here

Part Two – The Recorder: Video Here

Part Three – History: Video Here

Part Four – Creator: Video Here

Part Five – Dinner: Video Here

Part Six – The Creator Walks into a Bar: Video Here

Part Seven – The Parable of Rain: Video Here

Part Eight – The Creator’s Baby: Video Here

Part Nine – Random Sayings of the Author: Video Here

Part Ten-1: Breakfast: Video Here

Part Ten-2: cont’d: Video Here

Part Eleven- The Author on Reality: Video Here

Part Twelve – Courtyard: Video Here

Part Thirteen – Q&A with the Author: Video Here

Part Fourteen – The Order of Writers: Video Here

Part Fifteen – Kidnapped: Video Here

Part Sixteen – Lab Work: Video Here

Part Seventeen – The Author: Alone: Video Here

Part Eighteen – Memory: Video Here

Part Nineteen – The Creator’s Monologue: Video Here

Part Twenty – Finale: Video Here

Epilogue – Video Here

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