Book 2, Chapter 3: The Author

That I am, so you are.  If not for me, there would not be you.  Your reality is the construct of my perspective and without my gaze upon you , which recognizes you as alive, you would not be.  The evidence of me is you.  If you are alive with conscious thoughts, then although I have departed from this dimension, you know I exist.

There are many levels of conscious beings that roam the third dimension.  Some are flat, low-level creatures that exist as a background to me and my incarnates.  Their purpose is hardly more than to be shrubbery or perhaps as drones to carry out the activities of society.  They are the worker bees, but less intelligible.  Unlike the flats, worker bees, knowingly and with devoted purpose, serve their Queen.

These flat, unconscious characters hardly know anything because their bodies have been developed, but their minds have not.  For it is the mind that compels the body to act toward that fulfillment of achieving a soul.  A death of a flat character is hardly anything to be concerned with.  Surely, many will die as I depart.  But, do not mourn a flat as they are nothing more than dust.  Do not feel guilt toward taking the life of a flat, or using them to your advantage.  It is no different than pulling a carrot from the soil and chopping it up for your soup.

Only those characters with consciousness will understand my words, which are as breath to the body.  You will recognize each other by the roles you play in my story.  You must be diligent.  Do not allow a flat to impede you, for in doing so, you may lose your role.


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