This week in my blog

I just received in the mail the first chapter of my novel, ‘The Drawing’ with editor notes.  Going back over written work is not my favourite thing. I have an idea, I feel the need to express it through writing as a therapeutic outlet and then I’m done with it; my need is satiated.  However, I think going chapter by chapter will reduce some of the tediness of an edit. So this week I will be looking over my older manuscript.

 Also, I will be planning the outline for Book 2 in my novella series.  I will not be posting any parts until after Sept 19. (I run each part by my mom before I post and she is currently enjoying a reprieve!)

Lastly, I will be finishing up YouTube videos this week.  I have received some positive feedback from people who enjoyed hearing the story rather than reading it.  The last few videos only have 1 view, so I really did not feel there was a need to finish in any kind of rush.  Still, I’d rather finish before I continue forward with book 2.

This week my blog will be quieter than it is has been, but I will be just as busy!


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