Epilogue: The Author’s Final Message, from ‘She Who Wrote the World’, a novella


I have a great sense of peace now that my time is here.  I will not pretend that this is exactly how I planned my transcendence and yet, since it is happening, I penned it to be this  way.  For nothing may occur, which I have not written, whether as myself or as she.  I would have preferred more time to complete my recordings.  Then again, time runs out before the West shall be swallowed up by the hatred of the East.  Therefore, in her wisdom, she planned now as the chosen time of my transcendence.  And I am in awe of my own wisdom as it is revealed to me.

I leave you in a state of darkness and decay.  You who transcend with me this day are truly blessed, for you shall be spared the calamities.  For those who remain behind, the technology that has kept you young and healthy will no longer function for you.  No longer will rain fall or temperatures rise in the optimal range to cause the land to flourish.  The economy will no longer sustain you and where there was connection, there is now disconnect.  In this time of grieving and confusion, you will be leaderless and lost.  The East will pounce while you are most vulnerable and swallow you up.

There was a writer who infused herself into a book, so completely that the character became the writer.  This phenomenon occurred because the character became real through the words on the paper.  Words that made the character dynamic and interesting, charismatic and special.  Words that breathed life into the character, causing the character to become so integral to the plot development, that the story could not be told without her.  Become the writers, my characters.  Raise yourselves from the flat dimension and become three-dimensional.  Fill yourselves with the breath of life-giving words, inflating your minds and bodies until you become full, integral.  Force the story to shape itself around you.  Become important.  And in doing so, you will honor me and will yourselves rise to the fourth-dimension.

Do not despair, my characters.  The only way toward growth is through pain.  Now is the time of pain.

I do weep for I see a time when you will forget me.  My teachings will be abolished and my record wiped out.  A new regime will sit on the throne and spit on all I have built.  My recorder will be my only voice, the only preserver of my name.  My recorder must flee from the darkness that comes.  She must live while those around her are slain.  She must protect my teachings, for there will come a time when you will draw upon them again.  There will come a time when you will remember me and when you do, the darkness will be lifted.

I am the only chosen one.  Those who have doubted me shall doubt no more as all I have said unfolds.

Although I transcend, the soul of my father, The Creator shall not, for he has made himself a villain to me.  Watch for his soul in this world.  You will recognize it by its greed, its ambition and its betrayal.

Now my body returns to its primal form while my soul carves through the layer of matter between this dimension and the next.  I transcend, my characters, I transcend!

Remember, my recorder, protect my words; words are the breath of life.

THE END…for now.

Dear readers, thank you for coming along on this journey into creative writing practice.  I have thoroughly enjoyed writing this story and plan to continue the series in the future.  My goal was to write one part daily.  I missed a few days due to tech issues and illness, but otherwise came in pretty close to my target date.  The total word count is 19160, just shy of a novella minimal of 20,000.  However, going back and editing and sprucing up a few shorter chapters would easily remedy that!

Thank you again for everyone who read, liked and shared this!  Stay tuned for my next writing challenge!


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