Part Nineteen: The Creator’s Monologue from, ‘She Who Wrote the World’ a novella


Holly was looking at him with wide eyes.  There was a wary calm in them though, that he found both unsettling and admirable.  Saliva had saturated the gag and was dripping down her chin, giving her skin a glossy sheen.

“Hello Holly.  I would ask you to thank me, but your mouth is predisposed.”  The Creator answered the question in her eyes, “I found you outside, unconscious and although you may find the accommodations less comfortable than inside the Author’s residence, I assure you, your purpose here is greater.”

Again, he saw the puzzlement in her eyes, but yes, under the calm, there was fear.  The Creator walked toward Holly and with a little more strain to his back than he should have done, twisted her chair so that she could see the baby in its cot.  The baby remained unconscious while his nanos worked to deliver nutrition and oxygen to her cells.

He knelt down beside her and spoke into her ear, “This Holly, is you.  She is your clone.”  The intake of her breath, the quickening of her pulse was exciting.  “You are special, Holly, a hybrid of genes and computer. The problem is that you are, in a matter of speaking, turned off.  This clone is turned on, except, she cannot wake up.  And that’s where you are going to help me.  Your genetics and her genetics are exactly the same, except for one variable that makes you live and her sleep, that makes you dormant and her active. I am going to find that variable.”

Goosebumps crept up his arms and a surge of energy flowed through him, causing him to pace back and forth as he continued.

“I am going to create a generation of human computers.  Imagine Holly, humans with superior intellect, with the ability to manipulate technology and to calculate complex problems instantly.  Imagine what kind of world that generation will be able to create.  It will be an Oasis beyond what any of us have ever imagined.  This has been my ultimate dream.

As a young man, I tried to create this in my daughter.  The result of my experimentation caused a tumor that formed around her brainchip and despite keeping it static for decades, it has started to grow once more.  It is this tumor that created her delusions of The Author.  Such powerful delusions though, that with my brainchips and nanotech, we could rise to power.”

The Creator paused so that Holly could marvel at this, the way he always had.  Instead, he saw tears rolling down her cheeks.  Never mind.  He will not allow her to dour his mood.

“I imagine by now, The Author will be trying to locate the two of us.”  The Creator opened a box and lifted out the virus, which was now ready for injection.  He had been working on it for several hours through the night, after the impromptu kidnapping of Holly had forced him to change his plans.  “Especially since I turned off the devotional app this morning.  This virus,”  he showed it to Holly, “causes brainchips to malfunction resulting in nano failure.  Depending on the age of the subject and the disease inside the host’s body, this virus could cause very little damage or instant death.  The economy, on the other hand, would take a massive blow as the intermind connection would be disrupted or possibly destroyed depending on the viral damage.

I am not a callous person, Holly; I am a visionary.  The Author has become an impediment to my vision.  I tried to save her, but I have failed.  You are the recorder Holly, because she plans to die.  But she will not go alone.   I know her well enough to know she will want to feel important when she dies and therefore, she will want to take her devotees with her.  And maybe even me.  I cannot let that happen.

Initially, I did not want anyone perishing for her delusions.  Now, I do see benefit in her devotees going with her.  When I inject her with this virus, it will go through her router contacts and infect everyone.  Mind you, I have already put up firewalls to buy us some time to work before she arrives and will disconnect myself from the intermind before injection.

I know what you are thinking.  You are thinking I am jumping too far ahead of myself when the hybrid is not even awake yet.  But, my hand is being forced.  You must see that.”

The Creator looked at Holly for a sign she understood, but she stared at him with the same unnerving wide eyes.  How stupid of him.  He forgot to explain that she will not catch the virus.

“Don’t worry Holly.  I am fairly certain you will not catch it as you are hybrid.  The DNA intermingled with your brainchip, should, theoretically, pose interference from the virus acting as it should.  Also, the firewalls I have up may lesson your exposure.”

She nodded her head, just a little, but it was enough.  Validation always heightened his excitement.





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