Part 13-Q&A with the Author, from ‘She Who Wrote the World,’ a novella

There are many questions I have asked in my encounters with her over the years; it is from her very mouth that our civilization has sprouted.   The following is a summary of fundamental dogma in Q&A:

Q: Do characters have souls?

A: In the beginning of a character’s creation, a soul is not provided. The character begins flat, as foreground to the Author incarnate.  If the character develops a soul, it is because he or she has become not only essential to the story line, but a leading character: one that develops and grows.  In essence, a soul is rewarded to characters that become three-dimensional in the story, which gives them the ability to transcend at the end of their story line.  Both antagonists and protagonists receive souls in the same way.  However, the quality of soul is vastly different and this difference will typically prevent transcendence for the antagonists.

Q: What is transcendence?

A: Transcendence is the term that describes a soul’s journey from the three-dimensional realm to the fourth-dimensional realm.  Each dimension exists within the same space, but the higher dimensions vibrate at a higher frequency.

Q: Are there more dimensions?

A: Yes there are higher ones beyond the fourth, but our knowledge of these is limited.  The Author is in the fourth dimension.  She is a collective term for many dwellers of this realm, who wrote the third dimension via  ripple effects of their actions.  For example, imagine writing a sentence out on a stack of paper.  After the first sheet is removed, you will see an imprint on the subsequent papers, becoming more faint with each sheet you remove. So too, in living their own story, an imprint is made on ours.

Q: What happens if a character has a soul, but cannot transcend?

A: Once a character has a soul, they become fundamental to the story within the third-dimension; they cannot become flat again.  Therefore, they will be recycled in a similar way in which popular stories all feature the same components.  For example, many villains will cause a dilemma, force the hero to overcome an obstacle and grow, and typically are defeated by their own flaws.  A soul will be recycled until it is able to grow.

Q: What will happen when the Author transcends?

A: The Author Incarnate will transcend to a higher dimension beyond the fourth, since she who is me, is already a fourth-dimensional soul living, by a miracle, in the third-dimension.  The third dimensions will experience the ripple effect of the Author’s transcendence, but it is not clear exactly what impact this will have on the third-dimension.

Q: Will there be a new Author?

A: When the third-dimension requires it, an Author will appear.

Q: What are the rules by which society should live?

A: The Author’s needs are central to the third-dimension.  Whatever pleases the Author, pleases the third-dimension, as she is the protagonist and it is by following her, that characters acquire souls.

Q: Why is the fourth-dimension female?

A: The fourth-dimension is considered female, because she birthed the lower ones.  As far as she knows, all dimensions that birth lower ones are considered female.

Q: How did the first soul come into existence and on what dimension?  How were dimensions created?

A: This is the mission of all existence: to grow and transcend until this knowledge is ours, until we are that which is everything and know all that is.  Until then, I am the incarnate of the fourth, and she is the incarnate of the fifth, and so forth.  This is how the Author is everything and yet requires transcendence.






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